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Design work

When I design UI, I focus on superficial simplicity with an underlying complexity. For me this means providing simple interfaces for the masses but providing options for superfans to dig deeper to get more out their experience. 

No UI is done without putting it in front of customers, and I follow a validation approach even at the wireframe stage. Putting interactive Figma wireframes in front of your prospective market segment is a good way to get early design iteration even before you touch code. 

Designs usually undergo multiple aesthetic revisions as branding and the desired emotional approach are firmed up through successive tests. 

Mana Burn

Mana Burn called for a unique TikTok-like UI that allowed highly addictive gameplay through short, reward-based checks over multiple sessions per day. As such, the design took a unique feed approach to the UI, giving players a choice of gameplay through short encounters of all shapes, sizes, and mechanics. 


Additionally, since the game was 8-bit pixel style, the UI strived for simplicity harkening back to the early days of game development.  

Stage11 App

Stage11 was a Music AR Social Platform leveraging volumetric captured artists and music that users could interact with via AR and make their own music videos.


Livifi was an unreleased web and mobile application that was a social media platform built on group live video. Imagine Zoom and Facebook combined. Below is the XD UI wireframe based on a Figma design I did previously. 


Ballparq is a Startup Business Modeling Tool that gives insight into your business without spreadsheets. Launched in 2018, Ballparq is a SaaS web platform available at

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