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Game work

I've been in the game industry for over two decades, starting as a Lead Animator at Activision Studios and rising up to a Studio Art Director at Pandemic Studios. 

Through those years, I developed a style based on a deep narrative dive into the world mechanics to design machines and worlds that were rational and visually compelling.

I would ask the questions about "Who built this? Why was it built that way? What issues caused society to build this with this functionality?" Asking these questions always led to new discoveries that would help build out the vision as a clear, cohesive fantasy world.

As I started to take on new roles in Creative Direction and Product Management, I would still ask these questions of my team to help drive the vision as I did as Art Director.


I love environments and many of these come from my Star Wars days. Working on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars: Battlefront series allowed me to contribute to the universe in unique ways.  


I designed a trash world called Raxus Prime which featured giant hovering trash ships using tractor beams to manipulate the debris. This world eventually ended up being reused in another game and a novel. 


I found that I was most home with vehicle concepts. I loved the lines, the shadows, the mass of them, and on Star Wars I loved reimagining the rebels and imperials in new ways outside of what was in the movies.   

My team also designed a unique TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank which ended up being a Hasbro RC vehicle and a Lego model.

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