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About Teevly

Teelvy was a TV watching app on Windows 8 and Windows 10 based on a similar app called MyDroidTV which is still in operation. The app pitch was ""Watch TV anywhere, anytime" with the core model being an app that users could select shows to watch, and then have the app record and download the shows direct to device. This allowed the user to watch "anytime" since the shows were downloaded to their device and streaming via wifi was not a requirement. 

Teevly Titlescreen
WinTV ComingSoon

This interface was designed around the features already in MyDroidTV and centered around navigating a large database of content to watch. As such, the goal was a purely functional design with some minor aesthetic to create a likeable experience for the user. 

I created a inspiration mosaic for the main screen, as well as the logo design. I also created all UI functionality within XAML in Visual Studio.



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